Roast Beef Hash

There was a nice chunk of prime rib left from Christmas dinner along with assorted remnants from the week of cooking, and the girls have started laying again after molting, so I made roast beef hash for a late brunch.


In addition to the thyme, beef and potatoes from Christmas, there were the centers of the Brussels sprouts that I made a leaf salad from, a few pearl onions that had been rolling around in the veg drawer for a while, the Tokyo onions and mitsuba from from New Year’s Eve.


I chopped everything up, and heated two pans, one for the vegetables and another for the potatoes and the beef so that I could control how each element was cooked.


First garlic and chilies (my ubiquitous ingredients) to flavor the oil.


Then onions that would eventually melt and stick everything together.


Finally the wayward vegetables.


I heated them through in the oil, then added a little water and covered them to steam.


Meanwhile the potatoes in the other pan, allowing them to brown well before turning over.


Once they were brown and crunchy, I transferred them to the veg pan, and I used the same pan and oil for the meat.



Finally the herbs, and topped with poached eggs.