Tablesaw Workstation, part 1

In January, I plan to start working on the next big woodworking project: taking my ten-year-old contractor table saw (which still rocks) and turning it into the heart of a new table saw workstation.

I started looking around for ideas of what it could be. I came across lots of cool features, but no examples of one plan that incorporated them all. So I started sketching, moved over to Sketchup, and came up with this:

tablesaw workstation 1

The original saw lives within a collection of MDF boxes. Below the saw is a dust collection box. To the right is space for the saw table fence and the router table fence to live when now in use. There are eight drawers on the right.

tablesaw workstation 2

This end includes an open box with slat board at the back to hang hoses, cords, and the like from pegs. The back side includes another eight drawers. and connections to the dust collection system.

tablesaw workstation 4

The work top includes a downdraft table on the right for sanding small pieces, and a system of t-tracks for use as an assembly or finishing table using the Bench Dog system.

tablesaw workstation 5

The last side includes eleven more drawers for tool storage, and a door below the router insert to adjust the router.

Stay tuned in January for photos!