Dried chilies for the winter

This year I once again planted too few cayenne chilies for the year. They always seem to go so much faster that I had planned. I crumble a chili up and add it to almost everything I make.Think of chili flakes that have flavor rather than just heat.

I have saved seed (in the form of that last dried chili) for the past three years because I was so happy with the cultivar. I will do the same again next year, but plant six bushes instead of three. I’ll have extra seeds if you want to try some.



If you decided to grow your own, I suggest waiting to pick until they have already started to shrivel on the plant. Use a heavy sewing needle, I prefer a curved needle, and pull a double line of heavy-duty upholstery thread to string the peppers through the stem end.


Then hang them up, and let them dry. I usually tie the ends of the thread to a clothes hanger to hang them all in one place.