The Summer is Winding Down…

The past two weekends have seen the changing of the guard in the garden. With the early spring, the tomatoes are almost done, the summer leeks are gorgeous, and about half of the shelling beans are ready.


This year I tried several new cultivars, most from Territorial Seed Company in Oregon. Most were a big disappointment. One that was not was the Fraise du Bois, or wild strawberries, or alpine strawberries, etc. They were very slow to get established, but now they are on fire!


I also tried two shelling beans that were advertized as bush-type. They were not. They just grew tall then flopped over. They yield was very low, but the beans are cute. Below are Tiger’s Eye and Yin Yang. I will look for pole varieties for next year.


Another cultivar that I liked was the Scarlet Runner Beans. They have very pretty bright red flowers, and exotic-looking purple seeds.


The Charantais melons are still coming along. It hasn’t been too hot this year, so I’ve only picked a couple, but they are amazingly fragrant.


Finally, I went for the interesting-sounding Lime Green zinnias. They are remarkably unexciting in the garden, although they do look kind of cool in a vase.