Seafood Nabe

After the gut-busting roast beef hash lunch, I needed to make something a little lighter for dinner. Inspired by the leftover dashi and ponzu from last night, I decided to defrost some shrimp and squid, get some glass noodles out of the cupboard, and make another favorite Japanese dish. A couple of scallops and clams, and some spinach and mushrooms from WF, and dinner was on the way.


Spinach quickly nuked and cabbage blanched to soften the leaves, and I had the vegetable rolls.


I cut the usual X on the top of the shiitake mushrooms, boiled the glass noodles to soften, and juice the dashi up with some mirin and soy.


Chicken, clams, and noodles in the bottom of the pot. Seafood and veggies on the top, and onto the stove. The best thing about one-pot dishes is so little clean-up to do!


Fifteen minutes later, we were slurping noodles, and dipping mushrooms in ponzu!