Nicole’s Chive Biscuits

One of my favorite recipes from Hawthorne Lane is Nicole Plue’s recipe for Chive Biscuits. The dough is easy to make at home, and you can freeze it for a long time. It makes for a quick and very special addition to a soup and salad lunch and dinner. Or my favorite, bake them on top of chicken pot pie in place of pie dough. The bottoms become silky dumplings flavored with the chicken gravy!


Chive Biscuits
1 lb. AP flour
1 oz. sugar
1 oz. baking powder
ΒΌ oz. salt
4 oz. butter, cut into 1/2″ cubes
Chives, cut 1/8″
12 oz. cream

Measure and prepare all ingredients. Refrigerate the butter until it is very hard. chixbiskt1

Combine all dry ingredients in the bowls of a mixer, then add the butter and chives. chixbiskt4

Mix using the paddle just until the butter is reduced to small chips the size of a fingernail. Then add the cream in a steady stream with the mixer running on low. Mix just until the dough comes together.

Turn the dough out onto a floured work surface, and press into a flat disc. chixbiskt6

Fold the sides to the center, then fold lengthwise. Press into a cube shape, then wrap tightly in plastic wrap.

Refrigerate for one hour to allow the dough to relax, or freeze until needed. To shape into biscuits, place the rested dough onto a floured work surface and flatten slightly with a rolling pin.

Roll to a uniform 3/4″ thickness,


Cut into 1 1/4″ squares.

Brush the top surface with cream, and bake at 350 F. until golden brown, or bake on top of chicken pie.

Happy warm dinner for a rainy night!