Green Tomato Chutney

Another month and a half passed, and  finally time to post another recipe. It’s the end of summer here in Napa, and time to rip out the last few beds. I always end up with a bunch of green tomatoes, they tried, but the sun let them down. There are also usually a bunch of unused habanero chilies. I tried drying them last year, but they turn into useless brown skeletons. This year, I put both to good use.

Green tomato chutney ingredients

Green tomato chutney ingredients

8 lbs. green tomatoes, cored and coarsely chopped
10 oz. habanero chilies, stemmed, mostly seeded, and coarsely chopped
1.5 oz. black mustard seeds
1/2 oz. kashmiri chili, ground (or substitute cayenne for more heat and less flavor)

1/2 oz. coriander seed
1/4 oz. cardamom seed
1/4 oz. cumin seed

1 1/2 oz. garlic, crushed
2 oz. fresh ginger, peeled and sliced across the grain very thinly
6 oz. apple cider vinegar

1/8 oz. ground allspice
2 1/2 oz. Kosher salt
2 lbs. dark brown sugar
2 lbs. golden raisins

Carefully measure and prepare all ingredients as indicated.

Combine the coriander seed, cardamon seed, and cumin seed in a small saute pan, and place over medium heat. Cook, tossing regularly, until the aroma becomes pronounced and the seeds begin to pop, then transfer to a spice grinder, and grind smooth.


Combine the garlic, ginger, and apple cider vinegar in a blender.


(I use a little smoothie machine I got for cheap on Amazon. It comes with a large and small canister and two blade bases. Works great for lots of small pureeing jobs.)


Process until completely smooth.



Combine all ingredients in a suitable pot, and place over medium heat, covered.


When the mixture becomes hot and begins to wilt, stir to combine evenly.


Continue to cook, stirring regularly to prevent sticking.


After an hour of simmering, the chutney will be almost done.


The final test is when the raisins have absorbed most of the liquid.


To conserve as a shelf-stable condiment, pack in canning jars, and process following manufacturer’s directions.

Sweet and spicy, this chutney is good for eating with cheese and crackers, or alongside roast chicken or pork.

Happy cooking!